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Many of us use self-doubting language which can communicate how we feel about ourselves and our abilities to others. It’s mostly performed subconsciously. You won’t even know you’re doing it until it’s a) brought to your attention or b) you wonder why you struggle to understand both your own behaviour and the behaviour of others.

With the help of other professional women, I’ve identified the 6 common themes in feminine communication that convey self-doubt:

  1. Not saying no

‘Can you use…

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A notable example of the successful application of nudge theory: housefly in urinals at Schiphol Airport. Incentive, gamification

1. Introduction

All of us make a multitude of choices daily. We’re aware of some more than others. The busier our lives become and the more responsibility we have, the more we can struggle to remember that all actions have consequences, good and bad. It’s impossible avoid all bad decisions and consequences; after all we’re only human. But is it possible to be nudged in the right direction and produce better, healthier and happier outcomes? …

Naomi Grant

A UX designer with a background in Graphic design.

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